Sarebi has a proven track record working with corporate partners

Sarebi works with corporates in the cleantech sector to build and execute enterprise development programs for communities and Independent Power Producer projects.

With many years of experience and a proven entrepreneurship development track record in the green and cleantech sectors, Sarebi has a high success rate of screening potential entrepreneurs for enterprise development. Our proprietary WillCan&May® tool has proven effective in predicting the likelihood of success in entrepreneurship.

WillCan&May® enables us to assess entrepreneurs across a range of areas, such as thinking preferences, tenacity, technical capacity and technical certification. We have developed a specific methodology to assess three core areas: the likelihood of entrepreneurial success, the technical ability to do the work in the sector, and the statutory certification to sign off on quality.

Our screening and methodical process means that partnering with Sarebi reduces the risk of poor investment in enterprise development. We help corporate partners select entrepreneurs that are more likely to build viable, scalable enterprises.


Why should you be concerned with screening potential beneficiaries?

A proper screening and formalised application process enables corporate customers to direct their ED spend to aspirant or existing entrepreneurs who will turn the investment into assets of growth for their communities.

Can Sarebi assess the state of trading enterprises?

Sarebi uses internationally accepted best practice benchmarking tools to assess and perform gap analyses on existing trading entrerprises. This defines the problem areas, in order to develop a work plan or intervention strategy to help entrepreneurs turn their business around, or to point it towards growth.

Why consider a corporate partnership with Sarebi?

At Sarebi we practice what we preach. We have state of the art governance and operational processes with a track record of clean audits.

Sarebi has implemented formal management processes backed by best-of-breed software management and top tier data integrity.

Sarebi’s management team, mentors and coaches are all experienced executives and entrepreneurs with years of experience building our own businesses.

Our methodology is cost effective with no management fees or overheads allocated to grants and donations. All of your money goes directly to the entrepreneur.

Funds held on behalf of donors or partners are ringfenced for the specific application, with a clear traceable track record of funding allocation.

Our programs are data driven, meaning that we are able to generate extensive impact data for M&E reporting.

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